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               We are a family owned honey bee company located in south central Indiana (Bloomington). We sell 5 frame nucs, queen and packages. At the present time we run nine blood lines. All are bees have been regressed to small cell bees.                     The name Little Bits Honey Bees came from my granddaughter. I used to carry her to my local mom and pop hardware store when she was just a baby. The owners son has always called her little bit, now she is eleven the name has stuck.

               Little Bits Honey Bees got started when the 190 tree apple orchard I have didn't have enough bees to pollinate it. So I got a hive to take care of my orchard. Once you get a hive you will be hooked. One hive turned into two, two turned into four and so on. Now I raise chemical free honey bees. I have took Fat Bee Mans commercial bee coarse.

My bees are small cell bees raised on natural drawn comb (I only give them a 5/8 inch starter strip). They are a cross of Italians, carniolan.  They are very heavy producer of comb, honey and brood. My bees are very gentle, I work them in short sleeves and no smoke. They are raised in south central Indiana so they do well in the north and south.



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1515 S. Maxwell St.

Bloomington, IN 47401



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